Autistic Rhapsody

Alan Griswold

Autistic Rhapsody Book Cover

Consolidating and expanding upon the ideas from his previous works (Autistic Symphony, Autistic Songs, and Concerto for Intelligence), Griswold’s Autistic Rhapsody offers a unique and innovative perspective upon the events of the human revolution, including a compelling explanation for the origin of human behavioral modernity.

Drawing on the notion of Big History for context and perspective, and challenging the conventional wisdom regarding such topics as human evolution, the Flynn effect and autism, Autistic Rhapsody celebrates human history by offering new insights into how that history has unfolded.



1. Introduction: The Riddle of Humanity
2. Evolution Turned Inside Out
3. The Construction of Intelligence
4. The Nature of Autism
5. Shedding Light on the Riddle
6. Consequences

Autistic Rhapsody is viewable in its entirety through this web site, plus it is also available for purchase as a book.

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